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Gm3u - A MP3 play-list editor
Gm3u is an MP3 play-list editor made with GTK+ toolkit and the Gnome libraries. It allows you to create and edit play-lists. The play-lists are stored as text files and can be used with most MP3 players.

The current version of Gm3u is 0.2. You can download the source as compressed tar archive or source rpm. A binary rpm (created on SuSE Linux) is also available.

Click here to get to the download page.

Installation is fairly easy. The source is Gnome compliant and running:

make install

should do the trick.

If you download the binary rpm, you can just install it using the command:

rpm -i gm3u-0.2-0.i386.rpm

Every kind of feedback is welcome. Gm3u is work in progress and it will eventually turn into Grave an utillity to up and download files to the raveMP MP3 player.

If you have ideas, patches or bugs, please send email to
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